10 sex things I can’t wait to try, in gifs

The main reason I run this site is because I want to share my experiences as I explore my sexuality. For a long time, I didn’t enjoy sex as much as I could and listened to my girl friends say they don’t like sex and that’s just a fact. I couldn’t accept that and I thought I owed it to myself to investigate and have a good time. Since I started writing comanci.ru, I have been able to check off some things on my list, such as light bondage and threesomes, but I still have a lot on the table…

The numbers are just for easy reading, not for order of preference.

1. Pegging

Since I discovered the awesome , pegging has been on my mind. I like the idea of role reversal. It must be exhilarating to be in this position, and I love it when guys are open to try new things and change perspective.

2. MMF Threesome

As I gloriously announced the other day, I had my first threesome a few days ago with a lovely, hot M/F couple. As much as I like girls, I would love to have a trio with two guys. The idea of being pleasured by two – or more – men at the same time drives me pretty crazy.

3. Orgy

I’ve always had a group sex fantasy in my head. I know there are places and parties, but I also don’t like anything that’s too cheesy, typical red and black decor. I would love to go somewhere modern, like a small maze filled with hot people having passionate sex.


4. Rape Fantasy

That is such a big taboo. It’s pretty awful that there is still a debate over consent and victim blaming, as if we were still in the middle ages. The rape fantasy though is a pretty big thing, but it doesn’t mean those who share it, like myself, are rape advocates. The idea is having a consensual role playing game with your partner, who you trust, to share an experience together, while being safe.

By the way, how hot are the following James Deen gifs!

james deen rape fantasy james deen rape fantasy james deen rape fantasy

5. Suspension

As you know, I’ve already started experimenting with rope play and I absolutely love it.

My partner and I are thinking of trying a complete suspension, since I have big wooden beams on my roof, which would make it feasible. I’m pretty excited about it.

6. Blow jobs in weird places

I love BJs and like I enjoy masturbating in places other than my house, I would love going down on a guy at the park or the restaurant.

7. Being in a porn film

Technically, I’ve already been in porn films. The first time, my boobs and I were on the set of Erika Lust’s Cabaret Desire (watch the full film here), with Liandra Dahl. Being an extra was pretty cool, we got to drink champagne and eat cheese cake. Then I appeared briefly in some of my own films. In a couple of weeks, I’ll actually be performing, so we’ll see how it goes…

8. Masturbating on a deserted beach

I wouldn’t actually be willing to have sex on the beach. I can’t stand having sand in my bed so imagine in my vagina. Still, masturbating on a long chair under the sun, on a private beach somewhere. That’s gotta be good.

9. Watch and being watched

I haven’t explored the voyeur thing much. I do know that I like being watched, online for example, but I’ve never done any role play around it. I could see it being pretty hot, with a sex friend or long-term boyfriend/girlfriend.

10. Sex in the theatre

I’m not much into having sex outdoors, but the cinema has something special. It’s the place where I french kissed for the first time and even fooled around a little. Being in the dark, during a late session, knowing that some people might still be there in a corner, it turns me on!

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