3 authentic and intimate masturbation scenes

I am, thus I masturbate. I mean it! Masturbating is healthy and it helps us connect with our mind as well as our body. There is a lot of masturbation material on the Internet, but sometimes I feel that they’re too fake and obviously staged. It’s not only about the sex toys or the penis throbbing, it’s about the pleasure on the face of the actors, the gasping of air, the blood running down their veins. That’s why I wanted to write a post about intimate masturbation, with videos that really depict a freedom to enjoy self-pleasuring in a way that each one truly savors. We all have our favorite ways of jerking off. Some people watch porn, others fantasize, some use toys and others, their own hands. These explicit clips feature one hot guy in the desert, and two girls taking the time to explore their desires…

1. Organic prop

There are so many fancy toys out there to help us reach climax. However, sometimes it’s as all the more satisfying to use whatever we have in our reach. The girl in this video clearly enjoys stimulating her clitoris and her anus. Many girls love double penetration, and  to spice it up, she uses a carrot to deepen her vaginal pleasure and reach the G spot. There are plenty of videos showing girls masturbating, but this one has something special, apart from the carrot… The way she moans and grabs herself, we really get the feeling that she’s purely enjoying herself. It’s refreshing to see such a natural and authentic masturbation video.

2. Destricted  – Masturbation in the Death Valley

This scene is from the explicit movie . I will soon post about it, but for now, I will say that Destricted is a collection of 8 short films by recognized directors who were given a difficult task: talking about pornography and art. This scene is from the short film Death Valley, which is also the name of where it takes place. It is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere and one of the hottest places on Earth. The short film, by Sam Taylor-Wood and Seamus McGarvey show a man exploring the experience of self-stimulation and the possibilities with himself.

I love that they chose a man to depict an exploration of sexual self. Most people talk about women searching for their sexuality, but men, too, have a strong and emotional libido which often lead them to self exploration. Masturbation doesn’t have to always be a mechanical act, it can also be a deep connection to oneself. Just watch, it’s beautiful!

3. Fresh masturbating by X-Art

At X-Art, they’re real pros when it comes to offering fresh and stimulating sexual films. They have beautiful male and female models, and they approach mainstream porn in an artistic way. I love that the girl in the video is obviously taking her time and truly enjoying herself. She does it as she likes it. There is no pressure, it’s almost like there’s no camera. It’s personal, intimate and beautiful!

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  1. August 27, 2013 1:44 am

    […] clip stars Caprice and Francesca. You might remember Caprice from the last of these three masturbation scenes. Usually, in music videos, the girl on girl action is depicted differently, usually involving ugly […]

  2. […] while ago, I included a scene, Death Valley, from the film Destricted in a post about masturbation, and I told you I would tell you more about the movie. Well, the day has […]

  3. […] clip stars Caprice and Francesca. You might remember Caprice from the last of these three masturbation scenes. Usually, in music videos, the girl on girl action is depicted differently, usually involving ugly […]

  4. Dustin

    November 10, 2015 4:20 am

    Thanks for validating my humanity as a man. Few women are even capable of that.

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