5 nudity-filled music videos that will turn you on

Since the era of MTV and Michael Jackson, music videos have been evolving to become very artistic work. And like in cinema, sometimes boobs and penises show up and brighten up the whole thing. Most of the time, it’s just to catch the audience’s attention or make it viral, but sometimes, it’s actually aiming at making something pretty, meaningful and fun.

Note: I am NOT going to talk about Robin Thicke’s rapey “Blurred Lines”  (“I know you want it, the way you grab me, must wanna get nasty”), no thanks, nor about Justin Timberlake’s Tunnel Vision. Guys singing with a bunch of naked girls showing their ass. I really don’t get what’s original or artistic about that. Of course it includes all the rap and hip hop videos that fit this description. Instead, I am going to show you five fun and flamboyant music clips that I’m sure you’ll enjoy.

1. Paradise Circus by Massive Attack

This video is very special. It was released in 2010 and it features the participation of . She is the porn star from the classic film The Devil in Miss Jones, directed by Gerard Damiano in 1973. This movie is representative of the Golden Age of Porn, when HIV and STDs in general weren’t a concern yet. With an interview of Spelvin at the beginning of the clip, and scenes from the film throughout the video, Paradise Circus ends up being a beautiful and hypnotic piece of work.


2. Cochon Ville by Sébastien Tellier

is known to be an eclectic and weird pop singer. While not a big fan of his work, I quite love the videos that usually accompany his music. Cochon Ville is the first single from his new album “My God Is Blue”, released via , last year.

The clip basically shows a big fantasy place where a huge and crazy orgy is taking place. Sex, glitter, boobs and props fill this electro-based song.

I also strongly recommend that you watch the clip for another song of his called “Look”, which simply follows an illustrated round ass the whole time. It is all embedded below:


3. Protège-moi by Placebo

I used to be a huge fan, like many French people, I guess. I like how blunt and romantic at the same time their music is (or was). The song Protect Me From What I Want was translated into French, since lead singer Brian Molko is part Belgian. For this new clip, they decided to make a porn video! As simple as that. Well, it’s more like an orgy video, a bit like Tellier’s above. It shows a decadent and dark place where people just give life to their fantasies. I remember that when it came out, journalists often asked the band “Why did you make a pornographic video?” and they were saying… “Why not?”. It actually fits really well with the lyrics.

The video was directed by Gaspar Noé, who happens to be famous for his polemic and sexually explicit work. Among other films, he directed Irréversible, a very strong and disturbing film with Monica Belluci, Vincent Cassel and Albert Dupontel. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it, but prepare an episode of Sponge Bob for after, because you will be psychologically devastated.


4. Great Strings by Holger

Let’s watch something a little bit lighter now. Great Strings is a song by Brazilian pop band . This video is the definition of summer, fun, and freedom. It’s also pretty WTF. It shows friends just having a good time together. Why bother putting clothes on, right?

from on .


5. Want It Back by Amanda Palmer & The Grand Theft Orchestra.

Apparently ! This video for pop-rock song Want It Back is beautifully made. It shows live calligraphy on the naked body mixed with stop motion.

You can know more about the band on .

from on .

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