Maybe you’ve been watching this hot new show called Rogue. Starring Thandie Newton, who we’ve seen in RocknRolla and Mission Impossible II, this show is basically another police drama. It’s about Grace, a morally and emotionally unstable detective working undercover, and who is tormented by how she may have participated in her son’s death.

Thandie Newton as Rogue, tortured cop

I love how this scene is so spontaneous, it’s perspiring passion in an almost painful way. The fact that there is little music and sound overall really contributes to this asphyxiating effect. I haven’t been following this show very closely but something tells me this is not just the happy moment everybody’s been waiting for. It’s anxious and the result is not exactly happiness but something like relief and guilt.

The male actor is who is pretty good in this scene, although we don’t see him that much.

The show just signed for another season in 2014 so we’ll definitely see more of them.


rogue sex scene