It’s 1pm here. Saturday. I woke up late, jerked off a few times – my lucky number is three – and finally got up to write to you my dear readers. Saturday morning, especially in the summer, is simply a magical time when all week end is in front of you and you have all the time in the world to do nothing, please yourself, eat cereals out of the box and watch cartoons. Unless you’re one of these “jogger” people, in which case we don’t run in the same league, but your thing is cool too.

So, I just wanted to remind you of all the nice things you can do on a such a fine day, especially when you have time to line up your vibrating friends and spend some quality time with yourself. Let me show you why Saturday is Sex Toy Day!

Maybe you don’t like to use vibrators, and that’s cool, I respect that

But spicing things up with some nice props can be pretty cool too

With someone

Or on your own


And girls

Be creative

And the result will be very satisfying

Extremely satisfying…


And then you be like