What is a sex totem? I couldn’t say, but I think it fits this situation pretty well. Relaxation plays a big part in reaching climax, but if you’re like me, all wired up and thinking about the fate of humanity at 3 a.m., relaxation doesn’t come easy. You might wonder what Bender has to do with all this, so read about my little adventure from last night.

I went to my friend’s house for a little play session, which is where I already had discovered the benefits of ice cubes during a hot afternoon hook up. Anyway, I showed up naked at the door.

barney naked man oops

He put a hood over my head, pressed my chest against the wall and started playing with my pussy.

james deen hood gif

After a while, he made me sit down on the floor where he had placed a dildo. I could only see shapes and shadows. I sat on the toy while he made me suck his cock.

sitting on dildo

Then, he bent me over a chair in the corner of the room and asked me to spread my legs. He wanted me to be a little uncomfortable, but I couldn’t care less about my comfort at that moment. I just wanted him to fuck me. He kept playing with my pussy.

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I then felt pain on my back, for a second. I felt the drops of hot wax landing on my skin. I remember that it was a little painful but also that it was turning me on.

hot wax gif bdsm

I was close to orgasming but I couldn’t quite reach it. When that happens, I can’t stop thinking about the fact that I’m right there, but not quite yet, which sometimes makes me lose my juice… That’s when I saw it. I just pictured Bender from Futurama, spinning on itself. I don’t know why Bender – I probably mistitled this article -, but concentrating on him spinning round and round just calmed me and allowed me to stop thinking and fully feel what was happening.

I had to beg my master to let me come and thank him for all the things he was doing to me.

james deen gif

He then flipped me over and sat me down on the chair, with my legs spread apart. He gently whipped my tits and stomach.

cunnilingus sex gif

I remember thinking that it was super hot to watch this shadow fuck me.

chair sex gif

When I stood up, I felt my pussy farting a little. Can’t fake that! He finally fucked me on the bed with my legs in the air until he came.

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Proof that a mean phallic robot can be handy at times.

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