The world is made of a bunch of horny hypocrites. Let me tell you why! We keep publishing photos of naked women everywhere, in the press, on the Internet… but we keep blaming women for it. It’s ok to look at it, but not to talk about it. A woman is either a slut or a prude. It’s ok to see boobs in a shampoo ad, but it’s not ok to show a photo of a breastfeeding mother or a on facebook – but it’s perfectly fine to post a video of someone being beheaded…

See my point? How can we  (click  to see the original picture), when everybody is busy watching extreme porn at home? These Janet Jackson-like scandals only contribute to women feeling ashamed of their bodies and conflicted about their image.

This is why I’ve created a tumblr blog called , where I gather photos of nipples – I know, I have the best job in the world – and invite people to submit their own! I posted and it would make me really happy if ! Because they are just nipples! And they’re the best…

They’re pretty

They taste good

They feel nice

We praise the men who show them

That’s right

But why be afraid of women’s nipples?

Because they represent the old and puritanical, patriarchic ways? Relax, it‘s over should be over now, male and female sexuality and bodies are created equal, aren’t they?

They’re awesome

They feel just as nice

And so pretty

They wake the most lovely desires in us

But they’re also sensitive

house nipple gif

In conclusion, they’re the best

No, you are!
himym marshall nipple rub gif

So get your nipples hard, take a picture and post them !